Ethically raised. Naturally farmed. Hand cut and cured.
Delivered to your door.


Our pigs.

We regeneratively farm 280 acres at Barham on Barapa Barapa Murray River Country. Our pigs range freely across their paddocks, nourishing the soil with their manure and movement. Our farming practices are also natural, chemical-free and biodynamically driven. Our number-one priority is a stress-free life for our pigs and healthy soils. Our pigs are supplement fed a 100% meat-free diet based on wholegrains, minerals and legumes.

Your pork.

We use the whole animal: noise-tail, nothing is wasted. Our pork is a hormone, antibiotic, and moisture-infusion free, and Berkshire pigs are grown solely for their flavour and fat to meat ratio. All of our pork is cut and cured in our butchery and smokehouse at Barham. All of the wood used for smoking is harvested from the timber industry bi-product locally.

Good food, all the time

You can order your own free range and ethically grown pork, smallgoods and delicious artisan charcuterie to be delivered to your front door, just like the milk bottles used to be. When we founded Bundarra Berkshires, sharing what we do with likeminded eaters was really important, it's too good not to share. Good nutritious food should be accessible, so we launched our home delivery run back in around 2014. We now deliver to most areas in Vic and NSW and metro SA and QLD on a weekly basis and love that people at home can enjoy our produce as much as we do.

A carbon neutral equation.

We offset our carbon footprint by generating and storing our own energy with solar panels and batteries that powers our farm and butchery.

For the remaining carbon produced by our additional driving, couriering and farm stuff, we offset this by planting one tree with every order, in collaboration with One Tree Planted and plant trees and sequester carbon on the farm by farming regeneratively.

Where possible, we use compostable packing and recycleable plant based packaging for wrapping our products so you can play your own part in preserving our beautiful planet.

Order for home delivery, anytime

Our pork is available all year round, not just at Christmas. For anytime orders delivered to you front, or back door or workplace, head over to our online pork ordering space... over here.